There is a good old saying ‘ For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return’.

Imagine yourself strapped in a fighter, pelting at almost 2 to 3 times the speed of sound with missiles hanging literally onto your arms and tons of fuel strapped on to your back. Imagine the thrill of pulling +6G and -3G and the feeling of ecstasy when you can see the whole earth revolving around you. Imagine flying a Combat Helicopter close to the ground, sometimes so close to the ground for survival that you kick dust with you rotor downwash, navigating, arming your weapons in time for pulling up bang on at the ‘Time on Target’ and ensuring delivery of your Arsenal dead on the target.

The aircraft were first used in war in 1911 by the Italians against the Turks. These aircraft were unarmed and employed only as Air Observation Posts or fondly named as Air Ops. However, during the first World War, the aircraft were being armed and their use became widespread.

Military Aviation is different. Combat pilots not only just fly an aircraft from place A to B but, seek, search, destroy and survive a hostile environment to see the sun shine another day. Military Aviation provides infinite Adrenalin rushing moments and much more. All three services provide ample opportunities to serve as officers as well as to Pilot Combat Machines.

‘The Engine is the heart of an Aeroplane, but the Pilot is its Soul’.

A lot of young talents dream to become pilots. But they don’t find right guidance. Finding best coaching institute for CDS/AFCAT is probably the first step towards this dream.


The Indian Airforce operates a very large fleet of fighters, bombers, helicopters and transport aircraft for varied kind of missions. To join Airforce there are various entries as well as qualifications which are a basic requisite. These are as follows:

  • NDA an NA entry with Physics and Maths in 10+2(only for boys).
  • CDS entry after graduation from a recognized University in any subject with Physics and Maths in 10+2(only for men).
  • AFCAT (Airforce Common Admission Test) entry for short service commission(for both men and women).


The Naval Air arm provides opportunities for pilots to fly Fighters, Transports and Helicopters in the Navy through NDA , CDS and NA(for men only). However women can join the Naval Air Arm as Observers.

  • NDA Navy with Physics and Maths in 10+2.
  • Naval Academy with Physics and Maths in 10+2.
  • CDS entry with BE/B.Tech in graduation.


The Army Aviation Corps provides opportunities to fly as Combat Helicopter pilots in various roles through NDA, CDS and OTA. The Army as of now provides opportunities as pilots for men only

  • NDA Army Cadet entry.
  • CDS entry.
  • Short Service Commission entry.

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Q. I am a girl and I have just cleared my 10+2. I want to become a pilot in the Airforce. What do I do?

Ans. Continue with your graduation. In the final year you can apply for AFCAT for which notifications are issued twice a year.

Q. I am doing B.Tech. How can I become a pilot?

Ans. In the final year you can for CDS/AFCAT and become a pilot in the Airforce, Navy and Army.

Q. I am doing B.Sc. How can I become a pilot in the Navy.

Ans. You can become in the Airforce through CDS/AFCAT and in the Army through CDS and OTA. For Navy B.Tech is compulsory when applying through CDS.

Q. I did my CPL and at present I am without a job. I have completed my BA and I’m 24 years old. Can I apply for Airforce?

Ans. Yes you can apply for Airforce through AFCAT exam. Age limit for CPL (Commercial Pilot License) holders is 26 years at the time of joining the academy.

Q. I wear glasses and I am good in studies. I want to serve the nation in the Airforce. Can I become a pilot in the Airforce?

Ans. Only if you habitually wear glasses then you may not become a pilot in the Armed Forces. However, for detailed medical requirements it will be better to go through the instructions given in the exam notification for NDA and NA/CDS/AFCAT.

Q. I want to become a pilot but I like the uniform of Army. Does Army also have aeroplanes?

Ans. Yes you can become a Pilot in the Army, you can join the Army Aviation Corps at the time of commissioning and turn you dreams into reality.

Q. Do the Pilots from the Navy only land on ships?

Ans. The Naval Air arm operates all types of aircrafts which include Fighters, Transports and Helicopters from Naval Air stations which are located on land as well as the Aircraft Carriers. However helicopters from the Naval Air Arm are also operated from other Combat Ships.

Q. What is the minimum height required for males to join the Airforce?

Ans. The minimum acceptable height for male candidates to join the Airforce is 162.5cms.

Q. What is the minimum height required for females to join the Armed Forces?

Ans. The minimum acceptable height for females is 152cms.

Q. What happens if I am not able to continue my flying training due to any reason?

Ans. If due to performance or medical reasons you are not able to continue your flying training then you will be given an option to switch over to train as Navigator or ground duty branches of Administration and Logistics.This will be subject to availability of vacancies and fulfilling the laid

down qualitative requirements (including 60% in graduation).